Prices are per treatment.  Most patients require 5-8 treatments on body areas, or 9 treatments of the face, to eliminate 95%-98% of the hair in the treatment area.  Results vary.  It is not uncommon to require more treatments to achieve endpoint results.  The darker and the coarser the hair, the better the results.  

Upper Lip $75

Chin $75

Upper Lip and Chin $100

3/4 Face (Upper Lip, Chin, Sideburns, Jawline, Cheeks, but not Forehead and not Front of Neck)  $125

3/4 Face plus Front of Neck (Upper Lip, Chin, Sideburns, Jawline, Cheeks, Front of Neck , but not Forehead)  $150

Full Face (Upper Lip, Chin, Sideburns, Jawline, Cheeks, Forehead, but not Front of Neck)  $150

Full Face plus Front of Neck (Upper Lip, Chin, Sideburns, Jawline, Cheeks, Forehead and Front of Neck)  $175

Ears and/or Nose and/or Brow spot $100

Underarms $125

Conservative Bikini (just the sides and across the top)  $150

Brazilian Style for Women (includes labia and perianal area) $250

Manzilian (includes scrotum, shaft of penis and perianal area)  $250

Perianal  $100

Pilonidal cyst treatment (removes hair growth which causes cyst formation) $80  


    Conservative Bikini and Underarms  $225 (includes complimentary Upper Lip and Chin, if desired)     

    Brazilian Bikini and Underarms  $325 (includes complimentary Upper Lip and Chin, if desired)

Lower Legs $350 (includes feet and toes) 

Upper Legs $450

Back, Men (top of shoulders to waist) $450

Chest, Men (top of shoulders to waist)  $450

Buttocks (waist to top of legs)  $350

Abdomen, Men (waist to pubic bone)  $250

Abdomen, Women (waist to pubic bone)  $200

Navel strip (navel to pubic bone)  $50

Lower Arms (includes hands)  $250

3/4 Arms (includes hands)  $300

Upper Arms $250

Full Arms (includes hands)  $350

Feet and Toes $75

Clean up prices for established patients:

If you have completed 8 treatments on a body area or 9 treatments on the face, you are eligible for discounted "clean up" prices on that area.  New areas will start at the regular prices.

Clean-up treatments are 40 cents/ pulse.  Minimum clean up treatment:  $100



Diolite Treatment for skin tags, brown spots due to sun damage, cherry angiomas, and red vessels on the face and nose.  The base charge for this treatment is $150, which covers up to 600 pulses.  Additional pulses are 25 cents each.  


 BOTOX $13/unit 

JUEVEAU  $11/unit

with treatments usually requiring 20-40 units ($240-480) depending on number and size of areas to be treated.

NOTE:  Patients planning to have Botox treatments, and want to lessen their chances of bruising, should avoid the following for two weeks prior to treatment.  These substances increase clotting time.

1.  Aspirin

2. Ibuprofen (Motrin)

3.  naproxen (Aleeve)

4.  Vitamin E (no more than 100 iu)

5.  Flax seed oil

6.  Evening Primrose Oil

7.  Gingseng

8.  Fish Oil

9.  Tea Tree Oil

10.  Alcohol

Things to do before your filler treatment:

1.  Eat fresh pineapple as it contains bromelain which aids in clotting.

2.  Buy a tube of Arnica gel to apply to bruises you do get from your treatment, as it lessens the duration of bruises.



For reduction of brown spots and redness of the face, neck and chest.  With four treatments per year, you can expect improvement in the texture of the skin, increased skin tightening from stimulation of collagen, and possibly smaller pores.  Many patients find just one or two treatments per year to be beneficial in the appearance of their skin.

    Face $350/treatment     

    Chest $250/treatment

    Neck $150/treatment   

    Face & Chest $550/treatment

    Face & Neck $450

    Neck & Chest $350

    Face, Neck & Chest $600    

    Hands $100   

    Arms and/or legs:  $400/hour

IPL treatments are most appropriate for fair skinned patients.  There is a heightened risk of rebound hyperpigmentation with more olive toned skin types.  A test patch may be indicated if there is any question of whether an IPL treatment would be appropriate.   Downtime is minimal.  Expect to feel like you have had some sun exposure, which may last a few minutes, or maybe until the next day.  Dark spots will be darker by the next day, but will slough off within a week on the face, within a month on the chest, and within 2-3 months on the arms and legs.  Results can take a month or longer to be fully apparent, especially with arms and legs treatments.


$100 PLUS $1.00/PULSE

The veins treated will vanish immediately if the pulse is effective.  Moments later, the skin will appear red and raised.  By the next day, only slight redness is seen.  Over the next days, the area will turn brownish.  This will fade in 1-5 months, depending on your age, health, genetics and circulation.  One or more followup treatments may be needed.  Cindy's colleague, Arlene Padilla, RN, BSN, is proficient in Sclerotherapy.  Sometimes a combination of laser treatment and sclerotherapy may be the most effective in clearing the veins.  Sclerotherapy requires wearing compression stockings for a week following treatment.  Laser vein treatment does not require the use of compression stockings.

This treatment is done with a Candela GentleYag 1064nm laser.

Arlene's office is also in Suite 312.  Her supervising physician is also Dr. Jonathan Levin, who is a general surgeon and a vascular surgeon.