Botox and Jueveau are very similar neurotoxins which work wonders on smoothing away wrinkles between the brows and on the forehead.  On the crow's feet or peri-orbital creases, it makes them not as deep when you smile.  For most people, Botox  and Jueveau can lift the brows and produces a relaxed, refreshed, energetic appearance to the face.


A treatment lasts about three months on the brow and forehead, and about two months on the crow's feet area.  Duration of effectiveness can vary without explanation.   If you have another treatment before the last treatment wears off fully, you may find it starts lasting longer,  up to five months for some patients.  


It  usually takes three to five days for a treatment to take effect, and two weeks for it to be fully in effect.  If a treatment needs adjustment, it is best to wait two weeks before adding units.  

Botox:  $13/unit

Jueveau  $11/unit

Average units needed:

Brow 20 units

Forehead 10-20 units

Crows Feet 10-30 units

Men generally require more units.