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Laser Hair Removal, Diolite, I.P.L., Botox and Dermal Filler Services

Please note:  Medical clearance required prior to treatment

 Laser Hair Removal with Candela GentleLase™, an alexandrite laser 755 nm wavelength, the gold standard of hair removal lasers.  

 Diolite treatment of visible red facial vessels or telangectasias, skin tags, and hyperpigmentation from sun damage with Iriderm 532nm Diolite™ laser.

IPL (Intense Pulse Light) or FotoFacial treatment for reduction of brown pigmentation and redness with Palomar StarLux 500

 Botox Cosmetic™ for treatment of brow, forehead, and peri-orbital or crow's feet wrinkles.

 Allergan Juvederm™ for treatment of naso-labial folds and enhancement of the lips.  Allergan Voluma for restoring volume in the cheeks, minimizing jowls and naso-labial folds.